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Jharana Gubhaju

Jharana Gubhaju is 14 years old girl who lives with her mother, Laxmi Gubhaju along with her two sisters Barsha Gubhaju and Nikki Gubhaju at Budhalinkantha. Her mother Laxmi works as a maid in one of the houses in Budhanilkantha Colony. The family is provided free living space where mother’s work. Jharana’s father Roshan Kumar Gubhaju was a teacher in a project and after competition of project he went to India to work but the family lost contact with him. He disappeared without a trace while returning from India. The eldest daughter Nikki is working in a manpower company but her income are just enough for her to pay her college fees. The second daughter Barsha just passed her grade 10 examination and is economically dependent in her mother. The family is economically poor. The income of the family is just $ 114.62.

Jharna is the youngest daughter of her parents. She studies in grade 8 at Balbikash School, Budhanilkantha. Family members especially Jharana has been emotionally and mentally affected by her father’s disappearance.  She is a average student but she always works hard and tries to improve herself. In final examination of grade 7 she scored 2.35 GPA. She is shy, introvert girl. She likes to dance and watch TV.