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Programs/Projects for Sponsorship

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund

Concept Note for Running Library

Title: Running Library

Target Group: students of target area

Target Area: Slum locality, residential area of members of FEWWF and different institutions

Duration: 2 weeks for each target area

Resource Person:  Program Department


  1. Some of the methodologies used to achieve the objective are as follow:
  2. Advertisement and promotion of the project through social media.
  3. Collaboration with local government bodies, other agencies, bookshops, etc.
  4. Planning for mobile library
  5. Finalization of vehicle for library setup
  6. Collection of books and other reading materials
  7. Coding of collected reading materials
  8. Interior setup of the library
  9. Formation of rules and working policies of the library
  10. Hiring of trained resource person.
  11. Monitoring and follow-up


  1. To transport books to potential readers and providing equal library services without any restrictions of location.
  2. To create reading environment among students of target area and encourage them spend their leisure time on reading books

Expected Outcome:

  1. The students of target area will get equal library service.

The students of target area will have reading environment and develop a habit to spend leisure time on reading books.

Concept Note for Scholarship

Title: Educational Scholarship

Date: Every Year Till Grade X

Target Area: Oxford School, Nayabazar

                      Balbikash School, Budhanilkantha

                      Nepal Tara School, Pepsicola

Target Groups: Six Students (Roshani Kunwar, Ashdip Pariyar, Sadikshya Maharjan, Namuna Tamang, Jharana Gubaju, Saroj Kathyat) of Three Target School

Resource Person:  Ajanta Dhungana


  • Assessing their academic performance and financial need of members.
  • Selecting deserving recipients based on these criteria.
  • Collaboration with school.
  • Direct meeting and discussion with the school administration for scholarship.
  • Direct tuition fee payment to educational Institution.


  • To provide them with educational opportunities and support their academic pursuits, ensuring a brighter future despite a challenge they face.

Expected Outcome:

  • Members children will get equal educational opportunities and a pathway to a brighter future, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Concept Note for Start Up by Miteri Aama Samuha

Title: Start Up by Miteri Aama Samuha

Target Area: Residential Area of FEWWF Members

Target Groups: Women of Miteri Aama Samuha

Resource Person:  Skilled Resource Person


  • Provide skill oriented training by a skilled resource person.
  • Research target market and competition to identify the position.
  • Create a business plan outlining your services, pricing, and goals.
  • Secure necessary permits for your business.
  • Set up a workspace with the required equipment and materials.
  • Develop a strong online and offline presence for marketing.
  • Build a network of suppliers for fabrics and materials.
  • Provide excellent customer service and quality work to build a loyal customer base.
  • Manage your finances wisely and keep a close eye on expenses.
  • Continuously improve your skills and stay updated on fashion trends.
  • Consider offering custom or unique services to stand out in the market.


  • To provide a supportive and inclusive work environment, provide mentorship and training programs to enhance women’s skills and knowledge, and empower them.

Expected Outcome:

  • Creation of a supportive network for female entrepreneurs, providing skill development workshops and mentorship programs, to promote financial independence and economic growth.