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Hong Xian Weng / Red-colored Thread Grasp

Posted on : 27-12-2023

Hong Xian Weng / Red-colored Thread Grasp

Jin Luo was Jin Lian’s more youthful twin-sister. Its lives try tied to each other however, she cannot discover attention to eyes which have your due to their ruthlessness and you will cruelty. Jin Luo reserved and you will cautious due to their name and you may poor connection with her sis.

Ying Shi / Xie Ying Shi

Ying Shi is the Princess of your own Eastern Sea. She’s willful and you may bossy however, innocuous. She has demand for Chu Kong. Xie Ying Shi is actually her reincarnation from the Mortal World while the Lu Chang Kong’s relative within his second tribulation.

Reddish Thread Grasp ‘s the master of your Wedding Pavilion within the the Heaven Realm. He enlightened Xiang Yun and you can took their particular around their side. Reddish Thread Master was a type and you will comedy immortal.

Immortal Li

Immortal Li works on the Future Bureau from the Paradise World. He or she is in charge of composing new fate lines to possess mortals. Immortal Li is additionally Xiang Yun’s good friend.

Song Qin Wen / Chief Yang / Queen Mo Luo

Song Qin Wen was Xiang Yun’s father within her 2nd tribulation. He could be new Chief of the Imperial Guards and you will friend of great Standard Lu. He as well as dotes toward their child that is an upright guy whom cares about their character.

Wan age Yang / Empress Dowager

Wan e Yang try Xiang Yun’s mom in her second and 3rd tribulation respectively. Each other letters is actually partnered to help you Xiang Yun’s dad and you may dedicated to both.

Feng Du Wei / Xu Wen Rui

Feng Du Wei is Chief of the Criminal Study Agency during the High Chen Kingdom in the Mortal World. He or she is dedicated to the Emperor of good Chen and you can do his bidding. Xu Wen Rui try their reincarnation inside the Chu Kong’s and you will Xiang Yun’s third tribulation. He or she is the top out-of Jin Wu Sect and you will indulges when you look at the brand new ebony strategies to strengthen his efforts.

Li Yan

Li Yan ‘s the Emperor of good Chen throughout the Mortal World. He or she is a small-minded leader which doesn’t instance becoming outshined by the his authorities and is definitely suspicious of good General Lu. They have 3 sons including Xiu Ming who’s the 3rd prince.


Chu Kong is the God of Battle who’s missing his memories immediately following a battle with Cang Hai of Mo Luo Divine Clan 30,000 years back. Cang Hai klicka pГҐ webbplatsen is alleged having turned demonic and banished to your brand new Emptiness of the Chu Kong. The fight also offers caused Chu Kong’s primordial soul to suffer destroy. When a good prophecy counters you to definitely Cang Hai will come back contained in this step 1,000 years, there is urgency getting Chu Kong so you’re able to rapidly repair their importante soul. The way to do that is for him to undergo 7 like hardships throughout the Mortal Realm.

Xiang Yun who’s an early fairy from the Matrimony Pavilion is actually assigned having looking for Chu Kong a love lover to own his hardships. However, a major accident factors both to get tied up through a bond from destiny. Hence, Xiang Yun is actually compelled to feel Chu Kong’s lover. Even with Chu Kong’s very first disdain to possess Xiang Yun, both end developing thinking each other immediately following several tribulations to one another.

Yet not, Chu Kong is even skeptical off Xiang Yun’s earlier and you will name just after such hardships. Meanwhile, brand new Mo Luo Divine Clan is trying to bring back Cang Hai and you can seek payback.

Love You Seven Minutes Ending & Review (Spoilers Alert!)

Like You Seven Moments keeps a pleasurable conclude. Chu Kong manages to access Cang Hai’s energies to have Xiang Yun. But it indicates their twin sister’s powers in to the Hao Xuan in addition to arrives live again once the he has got absorbed all of them prior to. Hence, whenever they destroy Hao Xuan through its combined energies, Xiang Yun will perish because the their unique destiny was linked with their own dual.