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PROGRAMS 2079/80

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund

S.NProgramActivityTarget GroupObjectiveOutcome
1.ProjectsAama Samuha
Member of
To empower and mobilize local mothers to develop skills and enhance financial independence with different trainings and job placement.Empowering and uniting mothers to be self-reliant and maintain economic stability
Child Club FormationMember’s Children of FEWWFThe club aims to foster leadership skills among young members, encourage community service participation, and provide a fun and educational environment for children.Developing leadership skills in young members, increasing participation in community service, and creating a fun and educational environment for children within the club
2.TrainingsTeacher’s Training  Regarding Class Mangement, Nepal Tara SchoolTeachers of Nepal Tara School, Balbikash School, Oxford school,To share and discuss the class management and lesson planning technique withparticipated teachers. Participated teachers were able to learn methods and tips for class  the management and lesson plnning. 
Origami Training from FEWWF ClubMembers of FEWWF ClubTo enhance the creativity of participants through craft works.The participants made different craft works and improvised their skills. 
3.WorkshopsStress Management for promoting Growth and Mind Set of Children, Oxford SchoolStudents of Oxford School,Geetanjali SchoolTo differentiate between real stress and stress-like behavior and to introduce methods for reducing stress in children.Participants learned various stress management techniques and differentiated between real stress and stress-like behavior.
Life Skills for Better Life Member’s children of FEWWFTo help participants improve their life skills in order to make their life easy.  All the participants can improve their life skills which will help them to make their life easy. 
Awarness on Adolescence Changes Workshop Balbikash SchoolStudents of Balbikash School, Oxford SchoolTo make students able to understand and identify adolescence changes and learn tips to tackle it. Participants were able to identify types of changes and learnt different ways to manage it. 
Time Management WorkshopFEWWF Members. To help participants to know about process and importance of time management so, that they could manage their time properly.    All the participants were able to learn the process and importance of time management. 
You are Enough for Your Self’FEWWF Female Members. To make participants aware on their capabilities using their self confidence.
The participants got awareness regarding their capabilities.

Tips and Tricks for Study, OxfordStudents of Oxford School.Introduce easy learning ways for learning habit development.The students got opportunities to learn skills to improve their learning patterns. 
Awareness on Microcredit FEWWF Members. To introduce and make participants about micro credit. Participants got to know about micro credit. 
Account and Book-Keeping WorkshopCore Members of Aama Samuha.To introduce participants basic concept of accounting and book keeping. Participants got to know about process of accounting and book-keeping
4.CounsellingGroup Counselling for Mermbership Families of Migrant Worker from Holy Vision School, Gillete School,Vidyodya School,Nepal Tara School, Oxford school, Balbikash School.To provide orientation about FEWWF membership and its benefits, as well as to register new clients for membership.Participants were informed about FEWWF and its membership benefits, and were also interested in becoming members of the organization.
5.Health CampGeneral Health CampMembers of FEWWFTo provide general health care service to the target group of members of FEWWF. The participated members got free general health checkups from team of doctors.
6.OrientationOrientation Meeting with ManpowerManpowers from Kathmandu To orient about FEWWF and process of collaboration.

The participants were able to know about FEWWF,   collaboration process and the benefits for collaboration. 
Orientation Program with WardWards Representatives. To orient about FEWWF and collaboration process. The ward representative got oriented about FEWWF and gave positive response on collaboration process; they were willing to provide help and support to FEWWF.
7.SurveySurvey OrientationVolunteers of SurveyTo orient the participants about survey and process of filing questionnaire The participants learned about survey and process of filing questionnaire. 
Member’s SurveyFEWWF Members. To study about the socio-economic condition, behavior, living status and problems of the members of FEWWF. FEWWF will get the data of members regarding the socio-economic condition, behavior, living status and their problems. 
Survey PresesntationNGOs and Government Office Working for Migrant Workers and Resource Persons. To share data analysis of survey and visions of FEWWF for fiscal year 2080/2081.Participants gave feedbacks regarding visions of FEWWF and data’s of survey. 
8.CampaignSafe Migration CampaignYouth Club of ward-5 of Lalitpur, Students of Triton College.The objective is to raise awareness about the safe migration process and address the challenges faced by migrants and propose strategies to address them.Participants gained awareness about safe migration processes and learned new techniques to address migration-related problems.
9.ScholarshipScholarship Visit and PaymentTarget school of FEWWF (Balbikash School Budanilkantha, Oxford School Nayabazar, Nepal Tara School Pepsicola)To consult with the teachers to know about the educational progress of scholarship students and pay scholarship fees.Discussed with the teachers of target schools, regarding scholarship students’ educational progress, and Payment of scholarship fees.

PROGRAMS 2078/79

1.Educational Sponsorship For 6 selected students from 3School students of registered members of FEWWF.A)To help children of migrant workers gain education easily.A) Children of migrant workers can continue their studies.
2.Monitoring and Evaluation ( M&E) for educationalSponsored childrenA) To monitor and evaluate the progress of sponsored students inA) Assessment of the progress in sponsored students academic and social
3.Primary Survey on Migrant Worker and their socio-Migrant workers residing at Kathmandu valleyA)to analyze the socio-economic condition of returnee migrant workersA) the current socio-economic condition of the target group can be analyzed B) planning of projects and activities
4.A Campaign “Safe Migration”a) Slum area i.e. Pathivara Tol, Sattale , Kapan
b) Targeted schools of FEWWF

A) To promote safe migration
B)To Track Migrant Workers and keep
A) Promotion of safer migration.
B) Increment in the members of FEWWF
5.Final Competition of FEC ( Free English Classes)Oxford H.S.S. ,NayabazarA) to encourage students to use the skills they were taught during their
B) to conclude the FEC sessions in
A) Students perform activities based on the topics and skills taught in FEC
6.Adult Literacy ClassesSpouses of registered members of FEWWFA) to increase their knowledge and develop new skills.
B) to provide life skills to the spouses
A) spouses of memners of FEWWF are aware about the various life skills.
B) promotion of economic condition of
7.6 MEMBER REGISTRATIONOngoing Migrant WorkerA) To increase the numbers of members of the organization.
B) To Give membership counseling
A) Registration Of Migrant Workers as Members
B) Increase in the numbers of members of FEWWF.
8.Mask, Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizers Distribution Programa) Families of Pathivara Tol, Sattale, Kapan
b)Members of FEWWF
A) To provide sanitation materials to the families of Pathivara Tol, Kapan.
B) To provide sanitation materials to the members of FEWWF.
a) Member and families of Pathivara Tol get Sanitation materials
9.Workshop on importance of sanitation and social distancingChildren of members of FEWWFA) To aware children of members about importance of sanitation and social distancing to fight against COVID19.A) Children of members are aware about sanitation and social distancing. B) Target group are now in less chance to be affected by covid -19
10.9 Library SetupPathivara Community Primary Schoola) to provide library services to the children of Pathivara Primary school
a) to promote the importance of reading books.
A) Students have access to a well-setup library.
11.Home art competition on the theme of COVID 19Children of members of FEWWFa) to know about the psychological effect of COVID-19 on children.
b) To engage students in extracurricular activities
A) The effects of mental health can be analyzed
B) children will add p to their capability of drawing
12.Academic Course Book Distribution ProgramSchool students of Pathivara Tol, KapanA) To provide free academic course books to the school students of Pathivara Tol.
B) To lessen the financial burden of residents of Pathivara Tol, Kapan during the time of Covid-19
A) students of Pathivara Tol get academic course books.
B) Residents of Pathivara Tol faceless financial burden.