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Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund

Letter distribution to 8 wards of Kathmandu

FEWWF is planning to distribute the letters by visiting 8 wards of Kathmandu Metropolitan city in the 3rd week of Chaitra. The collaboration with local communities will provide an opportunity for the organization to better understand the needs and challenges faced by migrant workers and their families. The data gathered will help the organization develop effective programs and initiatives that address their needs. The mobilizers and resource persons from the local communities will also help in the effective delivery of these programs and campaigns. Overall, the FEWWF’s decision to collaborate with local communities shows its commitment to supporting the families of migrant workers and improving the quality of its services.

Safe Migration Campaign:

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund (FEWWF) and Youth Clubs of Lalitpur Metropolitan city ward no 5 are collaborating to organize a safe migration campaign for Thasikhel youths in the second week of Chaitra. The program aims to educate and empower youths to make informed decisions about safe migration for further studies abroad. FEWWF’s objectives include promoting safe, legal migration and providing accurate information and data about policies to protect migrant workers’ rights and well-being. The campaign will focus on language, culture, and the necessary documentation to reduce the risks and challenges associated with migration. The ultimate goal is to ensure that youths can pursue their dreams without compromising their safety or well-being.