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Posted on : 21-02-2023
I received a call today evening by one of my distant relatives that her brother was migrating to Dubai as a migrant worker from one of the renowned manpower (name shall not be revealed). I congratulated her and asked her whether her brother’s migration was a safe migration or not; her answer surprised me.  She said, “Yes, the manpower would land them safely in a team.” Though she was a graduate she was unknown about the real concept and meaning about safe migration. Not only most of us are not aware of the real concept of safe migration, despite it being one of the most important concepts for the migrant workers and their family members.

Safe migration can be defined as migration with the full knowledge on the place the worker is moving to, the knowledge on the language and culture of the migrating country, complete documentation and correct choice of manpower. The correct documentation consists of the Evidence of job offer, Scan copy of Passport, Experience document of the previous job, Qualification document, and Medical certificate and police certificates. If any of the documents lags over then the migration may not be safe. Despite, working as legal migrant workers you may be tagged as illegal one which can create legal consequences.

It’s not about the documents only but also your preparation and knowledge for migrating to the abroad count as a good factor for your safe migration. You should be knowledgeable about the wage paid which shall be at least at the minimum rate. The language of the migrating country shall be known to the person migrating so, that it will be easy for them to adjust themselves. The job description shall be known to them from their native country so that they can make up their mind for their working environments.

To conclude, we can say that precaution is better than cure where it is better to prepare and then move to other countries as migrant workers so, that your stay and work there could be easy for you and your migration can be said as safe migration. Thus, safe migration is not only landing safely to the working country but also it contains a safe working environment and non – violation of human and labor right.