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About Us

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund

Who We Are

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund (FEWWF) is a non-profit organization that works on the social issue of migration among society’s marginalized families. Since its inception (29th Jestha 2074 B.S; 12th June 2017 A.D), our mission has been to ensure the overall advancement of migrant workers’ families through various initiatives, research, advocacy, and awareness within the framework of national law.


Our motto, “Heading Together with Migrant Workers Family,” guides our approach to working closely with migrant workers’ families in the community.


We picture migrant worker families living in a secure, healthy, educated, and financially stable home setting.


Our goal is to assist the families of migrant workers in meeting their fundamental necessities in order to improve their standard of living.


Our work is based on our objective which is guided by our core belief.

  1. Examine the socioeconomic implications of movement for migrant worker families.
  2. Make certain that the migrant worker’s family members’ basic requirements and rights are met.
  3. Keep track of the number of different migrant workers and add them to the FEWWF membership.
  4. Establish collaboration and coordination between national and international agencies, as well as the migrant population, to create a safe and progressive environment through various initiatives, research, and advocacy.

What we do

  • In order to fulfill our organization’s goal, we engage in a variety of activities.
  • Workshops on topics such as time and money management, sexual and reproductive health, cardiac nutrition, and so on.
  • Health Camps like Gynecology health camps, general health camps, and Dental health camp
  • Scholarships are available to selected children of FEWWF members.
  • Training in a variety of vocational skills
  • English lessons for students at certain schools provided by FEWWF
  • Baseline Survey on migrant workers’ issues, concerns, and other details
  • Community discussions
  • Collaboration with different corporate organizations or NGOs
  • Campaigns for Safe Migration
  • Registration of Migrant Workers as members
  • Psychosocial counseling to family members of migrant workers

Our Team Member’s

Team Member’s NameDesignation
Mr. Anirudra BaidyaChairman
Mr. Amar RauniyarTreasurer
Mr. Keshav Raj TiwariGeneral Secretary
Finance/HR Manager
Mrs. Ajanta DhunganaProgram Manager
Mrs. Reshma NepalProgram Coordinator
Ms.  Anusha DhunganaFront Desk Officer
Ms. Suhana ShresthaPromotional and Networking Intern
Mr.  Mani BalamiMedia Handler Intern