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Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund (FEWWF) is a non-profit organization working in the social issue of migration among marginalized family of the society. From the date of establishment (29th Jestha 2074 B.S; 12th June, 2017 A.D), our effort is to ensure the holistic progress of migrant workers family that is achieved through various programs, research, advocacy and awareness within the national law.


Planning for Members Door to Door Survey

Foreign Employment World Welfare Fund has planned to conduct Members door to door survey for finding out the quantitative and qualitative data of members of FEWWF. Further the data collected will be analyzed to find out the problems and solutions for the members. Moreover, this will act as evaluation of effectiveness of program conducted by… Read more »

Read English, Be Creative

FEWWF works for the holistic development of migrant worker’s families. Education plays a vital role in development of migrant workers and their children. Hence, FEWWF is planning to organize Reading Classes with the title; ‘READING ENGLISH, BE CREATIVE’ for children of the members. The main objective is to share the technique of comprehensive reading which… Read more »

Group counseling and membership registration at targeted school

Spotting the schools having the largest number of students related to foreign employment and planning for group counseling at these targeted schools. FEWWF is tracking migrant workers family to register them as its member. Responsible person for group counseling will contact these schools to collect the data of migrant worker’s family and counsel them about… Read more »

Initiative towards primary health care

FEWWF is preparing for sexual reproductive health (SRH) workshop for its members. In the present context of Nepal, sexual reproductive health is still a talk of taboo. They lack of knowledge of SRH and its importance. Hence, FEWWF is going to conduct SRH workshop to educate our members that SRH is a primary health care…. Read more »

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